Cowles Conservatory

Glass Building in Sculpture Garden

Home to permanent exotic plants the 22-foot Standing Glass Fish by architect Frank Gehry.

Freedom Form #2

MLK Park: W 41st St & Nicollet Ave S

This sculpture depicting two interlocking wings was dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. in 1970.

Hiawatha and Minnehaha Statue

In Minnehaha Creek just upstream of falls

A sculpture of the two lovers made famous by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s A Song of Hiawatha.

Harrison Gateway Art

Olson Memorial Pkwy & Penn Ave N

Sculpture of children holding the moon and the sun as welcome to this vibrant neighborhood.


E Franklin Ave & 25th Ave S

Merwyn is a climbable piece of artwork whose head, hands and fins buried in the park’s landscape.

The Minnehaha Bunny

Minnehaha Pkwy & Portland Ave S

Giant bronze bunny lounges at a major trail intersection.

Touchstone Plaza

Peavey Park: E Franklin Ave & Chicago Ave S

Colorful mosaic thrones draw speakers, poets, prophets, and community activists.

Rocket Sculpture

Brackett Park: 36th Ave S & E 28th St

In 2007, this playground rocket was saved by the neighborhood and transformed into public art.